Chembridge Additives
is a well-established chemical company that started its operations in 2008 as an appointed agent for Lanxess Germany GmbH and Tanatex Chemicals GmbH servicing a multitude of industries.

We provide plastics additives, phosphorus, specialty chemicals such as organic and inorganic colorants and surfactants to a very wide range of industrial sectors.

Our high-quality plastics additives improve the processability of materials and the properties of finished products. These include flame retardants with phosphorus chemicals as a basis, phthalate free plasticizers that prevent plastics from becoming brittle and colorants that make the world a bit brighter.

We also provide among other:

  • Water treatment agents (e.g. Bayhibit AM)
  • Specialty chemicals (e.g. Baypure)
  • NP free Surfactants and Antifoams (Tanamul & Tanafoam)

We distribute to all customers, big or small, in any qauntity required throughout Southern Africa from our network of warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. We strive to bring the best quality products and service to our customers.

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